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Today, Wild Kratts broadcast on CCTV children’s channel, LETV, and fun Wildlife Adventures, get everyone’s interest! Future animal brothers will continue to meet with members in more places every day at 12 o’clock noon two episodes broadcast, welcome to follow brothers explore the wild world of animals!

About Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts creatures brothers as United States public television station PBS programs with high ratings, in 3 years time has been translated into 21 languages and broadcast in over 181 countries. Each episode will feature a lively story of adventure, takes the children into a my sterious world of wildlife. Children in each episode you can learn about different animal species. Kraft brothers super energy and biological forces, making themselvesinto that kind of animal, help save some threatened animal, into the world’s most fascinating wildlife. Wacky style humor, science of nature education, handsome andrealistic characters, by the kids favorite!

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