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Toonz Media Group is India’s largest animation company, focused on the global sales and distribution cartoons launched, direct to video content and television series. Toonz on various media platforms, provide end-to-end animation services to global customers, including 3D animation, 2D animation (digital and traditional), Flash, stop-motion and Visual effects. Animation Magazine named the company one of the world’s 10-largest multimedia production company.

Works of Toonz preliminary release will include the Wolverine and the x-men (Wolverine and x-men) first quarter and the second quarter, the Speed Racer 2, Speed Racer Classic ‘, ‘ ghosts everywhere (Mostly Ghostly), part II and part III, the Freefonix and other well-known works. Our main leaders are Jaya Kumar, Hari Varma, Hari Lyer and Wg Cdr M.Narayanan.

Representative works:

Founded in 1999, specializing in intellectual property creation, development, production and distribution across different media platforms. From India the first two-dimensional animation TV series and the creation of 2D movie, India’s first 3D Theater. Toonz India gradually became a pioneer of the animation industry in the best animation companies in the world. Toonz’s clients include many of the leading media and entertainment companies, such as Disney, Turner networks, nikelongdun, Sony, General Motors, United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation and Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Toonz company has one throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region in the global distribution network. Toonz to date is India’s children’s channel, one of the largest content providers. Toonz also has a number of specialized development team, with partners across multiple platforms through broadcasts, on-demand and digital channels and revenue from subsidiary rights to obtain the greatest value. Toonz launched for different age groups, different regions and children’s range of digital channels in different languages, the initial phase, mainly in Europe, Latin America, Russia and the Middle East.

Toonz Academy is one of the India’s top animation schools, with its many years of experience, commitment to cultivate real talents and training them to become one of the most sought-after animation professionals. College provides short and long term career oriented courses, mainly in terms of two-and three-dimensional animation. Toonz also provides graphical courses of multimedia and Visual effects.

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