Pacific Media Group acquires the fourth European team, KVO Belgium joined in the campaign

On March 18, 2020, the Pacific Media Group (hereinafter referred to as PMG) acquired the KV Oostende football Club in Belgium, with a history of more than 116 years. It is worth mentioning that this is the only deal in European football clubs so far this year.

PMG used to invest in OGC football club of Nice in France for three year (2016-2019). In the past season, they have spent 17 million Euros with other shareholders to establish a world's most advanced football academy and training center, further promoting the help and commitment to young potential players, which has been fully improved in terms of annual revenue, facilities and player training. It has greatly improved the performance of OGC players on the pitch, and the club has won the European Champions League 

qualification for the first time in the league history. 

In 2017, PMG also acquired British Barnsley football club, and in the first year of acquisition, the club was promoted to the English Champions League. In 2019, PMG also made a significant investment in one of Swiss Super League teams-- F.C. Thun.

KVO has always been a famous football academy in Oostende. It is reported that the strategic investment and cooperation of PMG will be committed to the global development and let more graduates join the team. Not long ago, KVO won a professional license from 2020 to 2021 and returned to the first division. For KVO, the double guarantee of capital and competition also injected new vitality and passion into this potential Belgian team.

In terms of PMG, the data model in the field of American baseball and basketball has been transplanted to the field of football by many shareholders. Meanwhile, it has made great success in player analysis and player recognition based on data. In recent years, it has established a global player statistics database, which can also bring more practical help to KV Oostende. At the same time, PMG will continue to expand its layout in the field of football and physical education. In addition to the football field, as early as many years ago, PMG has established educational business and successfully imported high quality video content. PMG is committed to show Chinese families high-quality content of education and entertainment, and cultivate and establish a good parent-child relationship. In 2019, PMG exclusively introduced the animation series "gigantosaurus" invested by Disney and produced by French animation company Cyber Group Studio. We can see the PMG's focus on the culture, sports and education.

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