Cooperative film project

Join hands with Bona Film to invest 290 million US dollars in "Martian", "X-Men: Apocalypse", "Independence Day: Resurgence",
"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children", "Alien: Covenant", "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes",
"The Greatest Showman"etc.
Gained the rights of  "The Greatest Showman" live show in China 

Cooperative animation project

Helping DHX and CCTV International Network (CNTV) to reach a cooperation, establishing the first entertainment platform of children's content.
Acquisition of China rights and CCTV broadcast for the current top pre-school franchise Wild Kratts, Gummibär & Friends: etc.

Distributed popular animations like Garfield, Wild Kratts, Gummibär & Friends etc. on all Chinese major platforms.

Cooperative sports project

2016: Acquisition of OGC Nice.
2017: Acquisition of Barnsley Football Club
SWOT Ice Hockey China Exclusive Rights

Classic Case

  • Year 2014

    PMG Founded
    Established a joint venture company
    for DHX Media Consultant
    and CCTV

  • Year 2015

    Signed multiple exclusive animation
    copyrights and animation IPs with
    Sun Shine, YOUKU, etc.
    Teamed up with Bona to jointly
    invest $290 million in FOX Film's
    film project;

  • Year 2016

    Signed more than 10,000 minutes of
    exclusive rights to European
    animation with Youku and signed a
    number of European and American
    copyright cooperation with major
    Internet platforms
    Acquisition of OGC Nice Club
    Wild Kratts became the first
    overseas animation with NO.1 audience
    rating on CCTV-14

  • Year 2017

    Co-invested with Jim Henson's cartoon
    "Doozers" with Mango TV and obtained
    exclusive rights to the IP of the motion motion;
    Signed exclusive rights with many animation
    companies such as Cyber and TOONZ with
    YOUKU, Ali and major Internet, IPTV'slargest
    overseas animation provider;
    Acquisition of Barnsley Football Club;
    Joined Bona to invest in multiple FOXfilms;
    SWOT ice hockey products and Asian events
    officially started

  • Year 2018

    Wild Kratts Live Show hosted in Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park.
    A stage show tour of the IP Small
    Live tours
    Courses development based on IPs

  • Year 2019

    Distributed Gummibär & Friends on
    CCTV-14 and all major internet platforms
    Released Gummy Bear* POLLYANNA KEONG series clothing
    Barnsley Football Club was promoted to
    EFL Championship