Type: 3D\Action adventure

Scale: 1x70 min

Area: America

Mutant apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) was born in the beginning of human civilization, as a general worship as a god, however, such a he, but by his contempt for the betrayal of the human, was buried in the ruins of gravel, is a dazzling thousands of years in the past.

An accident causes the apocalypse that sleeps 1000 years to wake up from chaos, he returns the world to discover once noble mutants however, now the circumstance is very bad. In order to create a new world belongs to the mutants, he found the storm female (Alexandra heap Alexandra Shipp), crystal butterfly (ole eu, fehmarn Olivia Munn), angel (Ben Ben Hardy Hardy), and want to live a normal life but still expelled from human magneto (Michael, Michael Fassbender), binder, formed the four knights. After detecting the apocalypse, professor X (James McAvoy) leads mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), beast (Nicholas Hoult), phoenix (Sophie Turner) and others, vowing to smash the apocalypse plot.